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The Harmful Effects of Water Damage

8/21/2017 (Permalink)

The Harmful Effects of Water Damage

Water damage can cause serious problems. Whether you're dealing with water in your home or water in your business, it's important that you leave the water cleanup to a certified professional. If the appropriate restoration techniques aren't used, your damage could undermine the structural integrity of your home.

The Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can be caused by a wide variety of factors. You could incur damage from a supply line break or a pipe break. Flood damage is another consideration. Whether you're dealing with a flooded home or a plumbing disaster, don't hesitate to contact a professional for all of your mitigation needs. They can make sure that the damage doesn't spread, and that this potentially expensive problem doesn't get out of hand.

The Perils of Contaminated Water

If your water problem is caused by a pipe break, a supply line break, sewage backflow, or flood damage, the contaminated water can bring harmful substances into your home or business. This type of water can damage your home or business, but it can also undermine your health. To protect you, your family, or your business associates, this type of damage needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. It can carry all kinds of harmful substances and compounds, ranging from parasites to chemical residues. This can make you and your family sick. Stay safe by hiring a restoration company for professional water cleanup. They have drying restoration techniques that can halt the problem before it gets out of hand. Their water cleanup methods also get rid of the harmful substances found in contaminated water, leaving your home or business safe once again.

The Composition of Homes

If you've found water in your home or water in your business, you need to act fast. Homes contain many organic materials, ranging from the drywall used for interior walls to the wood used for flooring. When they come into contact with organic materials, pathogens can grow, leading to large quantities of mold. This can happen very quickly; in just two day's time, mold can spread, grow, and release spores. When an organic material is thoroughly contaminated by water damage, it often has to be removed. This contamination can happen very quickly, which is why prompt mitigation and restoration is essential. DIY drying techniques won't be enough to get rid of damage. Only a restoration company has the tools needed to make your home or business livable again after flood damage, a pipe break, or a supply line break.

Professional Restoration

Restoration professionals have many ways of repairing flooded homes, and their drying methods will leave your home or business dry and safe. They will apply antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral agents to your flooded home, which will eliminate harmful pathogens. A qualified restoration company will also check the home for structural damage, and alert you to anything that needs replacement or repair. When you need water cleanup services, a restoration company is an invaluable resource. They can perform all the necessary restoration and mitigation services, while also preventing further damage from occurring.

Call the Professional Today

It doesn't matter what kind of damage you're dealing with. Maybe you're trying to contain a pipe break that's left water in your home. Perhaps you're trying to stymie a supply line break that's left water in your business. Whether the source of your damage, you need to contact mitigation experts. Their drying techniques will remove the water in your home or water in your business in no time. Don't try to fix a flooded home by yourself. Only professional can accurately repair the damage caused by flood damage, leaving your home as good as new.
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The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

8/21/2017 (Permalink)

The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

It is possible to reverse any fire damage in your business premises or home by applying a fire damage restoration process. You can quickly go back to normal life after commercial fire damage by hiring the service of a fire damage restoration company. The restoration company provides a wide range of restoration services for commercial fire damage including fire cleanup using a similar pattern and process for fire cleanup in home. The following are some of the most important steps that you should follow in case of fire damage in your business or home:

1. Emergency Contact

A professional restoration company should always be ready to respond to emergency fire in home or fire in business when contacted by a client in need of their services. Fire in home or fire in business can cause massive smoke damage and smoke smell when it is not put out in time, and that is why you should look for a restoration company that has a history of quick response in fire clean up. Seeking immediate emergency services in instances of fire damage helps to prevent further commercial fire damage that requires you to board up.

2. Assessment

The first step in the fire restoration process is to assess the level of fire damage. This involves assessing the level of smoke smell and smoke damage to the furniture and walls and how far the soot or smoke has traveled. Fire damage assessment helps a restoration company to come up with an elaborate restoration fire cleanup plan and an accurate quote for all the related commercial fire damage costs. In addition, the assessment process helps the company to estimate the amount of time it will take to complete the restoration process for fire in home or fire in business.

3. Tarp and Sealing Services

In order to prevent smoke smell and smoke damage from spreading to other areas, it is important begin by sealing all the possible leaks and openings resulting from fire in home or fire in business. For instance, an opening in the roof or wall can let in rain water and cause massive flooding. The best thing to do is to start by fixing such holes before doing something else. Water damage restoration is critical when it comes to successful fire damage restoration. There are many instances where a fire can lead to a burst water tank or pipe, and this can lead to massive damage if the situation is not brought under control within the shortest time possible.

4. Clean-up

The fire cleanup process involves cleaning away soot damage, dust and smoke from all the surfaces. Most items will always be charred, stained or look dark due to smoke damage. All the affected property should be cleaned up as soon as possible to remove smoke smell and restore normalcy. Submersible pumps are normally used to remove any standing pools of water after fire in home or fire in business. The area is then dried and sanitized to remove smoke odor and soot damage from the room. In addition, carpet cleaning is necessary to prevent soot damage and bad odor that may linger in the room after smoke. All adjacent room should also be cleaned and sanitized to remove smoke odor or soot. Finally, items that have been badly damaged by the fire should be disposed as part of the restoration process. You need to board up walls that have been completely destroyed.

5. Repair and Renovation

All the furniture and items damaged by the fire should be repaired to ensure complete restoration. Fire damage restoration may involve replacing all the damaged cabinets with the new ones or repairing them. Most restoration companies offer renovation services apart from the normal restoration services. The company can board up the building to prevent future damage. In fact, this can be a perfect opportunity for you to have a new redesign after renovation. You can actually end up with a better home or business premise than the previous one when you hire the service of fire damage restoration services.

6. Consultation

This is the final step in fire damage restoration where one can consult the hired company on various issues related to fire and soot damage. The company can offer advice on how to design rooms, how to board up, and ways of preventing future fires. In addition, one can seek advice on the best fire alarm systems and smoke detectors.
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Mold Damage Restoration and Mitigation

8/21/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Damage Restoration and Mitigation

Mold damage occurs whenever there is mold at home or any other place and remediation or mitigation is not considered. Mold spores are at times microscopic and often hanging in the air and therefore its damage can even be commercial. Being almost everywhere, mold grows very easily since it enters a place easily; it can be through openings such as doors and windows, heating systems or even be carried on clothing and pets.

Mold damage mitigation and mold removal, therefore, begins with avoiding its growth through the various means. Mold growth is best in moist conditions and easily grows when exposed to water. With access to moisture or water, fungus, mildew and black mold will grow into colonies and into visible amounts. To prevent commercial mold damage, any sources of uncontrollable water and moisture must be handled and prevented. If not, the mold may come back even after proper mitigation and remediation. Indoors, humidity too may be a problem if it gets higher than normal. It should not be allowed to exceed 45 percent. If the major cause is a water related problem, it should be repaired to prevent mold growth.

It is easy to tell when there are mold growth and damage by the strong smelly odor produced by the mold. The odor will easily lead you to the mold damaged area. Its remediation and removal begin by first doing a preliminary assessment to the damaged area and the smelly odor will be of much help. Black mold grows in visible colonies while mildew will spread sporadically. Dry rot will be proof that the suspected area is under mold damage. Deodorization is important in the area affected by the dry rot to minimize the odor and its effect. Mold growth behind a wall may occur and therefore become hard to clearly get its location.

Remediation starts with alerting a mold removal and restoration company. They will need to visit the place, do a mold in home inspection and its damage assessment. The need for a mold removal and restoration company is the technology needed to detect mold growth behind walls and water sources.

The company may also have expertise in handling the fungus and mildew which may not be visible and prevent possible damages due to improper handling. Mold growth behind walls may also be propagated by the disturbance that may cause the spores scatter. A restoration company will be able to handle all these with expertise.

Containment follows after assessment. There is need to apply containment procedures while mitigating the mold in home and commercial mold damage to ensure that the process does not enhance their spread.

Negative air chambers are some of the advanced containment procedures applied to make sure the contaminated area is isolated from other physical barriers. When doing cleanup,deodorization and negative air pressure is used to prevent the mold from spreading and remove the smelly odors. The doors and windows leading to the contaminated area may be closed temporarily during the mitigation and deodorization.

Air filtration and further deodorization is then necessary after air circulation between the affected room and other rooms have been blocked. Microscopic mold spores in the air and smelly odors should be dealt with before air circulation is allowed. This can be done using air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums. This will make sure that no mold escapes during the remediation process.

Removal and cleaning of the mold growth behind walls, mold in home and after commercial mold damage is best done when all the above steps have been thoroughly covered. To ensure it is completely done, it is essential to remove all the black mold infested materials or replace them. Antifungal treatments offer the best removal of fungus and dry rot while antimicrobial treatments will do better in mildew and black mold removal. Their respective use will also prevent new formations of the black mold. If the mold growth was intense, there would need to dispose of materials with a possibility to be infested by mold and porous materials like carpets. Restoration of items like the decorative and furniture should be done after they are cleaned.

Restoration company professionals should do the restoration of the dry rot on drywall and sub floors should finally be done which may involve repairs and replacements of some building materials, dry walls, and paintings. Commercial mold damage may lead to major repairs and reconstructions of mold damage affected rooms.
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The Key Benefits Of Professional Water Damage Restoration

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

The Key Benefits Of Professional Water Damage Restoration

Residential water damage might be a result of a flood or a supply line break. Water damage restoration involves a sequence of events that should be handled by an experienced practitioner. Since the water cleanup in a flooded home is a daunting task, you should not skimp on professional assistance when it comes to restoration. While a general contractor can help you to repair your home to the original state, a contractor who specializes in water damage restoration can work to your advantage. After undertaking the initial inspection to identify the pipe break, the contractor will develop a cost-effective regimen to undertake the restoration process. In addition, the contractor will develop a water damage mitigation regimen that suits your budget.

After undertaking the initial assessment, the technician will come up with a mitigation procedure that involves water cleanup, disinfection, and drying of the home. While water cleanup is vital, you can prevent the recurrence of flood damage in the future by taking the necessary precautions during the mitigation of floods. Mitigation might involve unblocking the drains, widening the channels, and protecting the electrical system. You can also save time and money on the water cleanup if you install the backflow prevention mechanism on the drains as part of the mitigation procedure.

When it comes to drying the water in home surfaces, you must have the right equipment to undertake the job as soon as possible. The contractor has the special equipment that comes in handy when extracting the water in home floors as well as drying the walls. While you may opt for artificial methods of drying the walls, the natural method is safe and convenient when it comes to absorbing the water in home walls and floors. If you do not remove the water in home walls in the shortest time possible, the dampness will create some favorable conditions for molds to grow.

Dealing with flood damage in your business
Removing the water in business surfaces might be more difficult than dealing with the flood damage in a residential property. Removing the water in business floors is quite difficult since most carpets are fastened to the floors. If the flood damage is extensive, you need a special pump when dealing with the water in business floors. You can minimize the flood damage in your office if you unblock the channels and facilitate the flow of water in business drains. After extracting the water in business walls, the air will still be humid. By ensuring that the ventilation system is working perfectly, you can expedite the removal of the extra moisture from your indoor environment.

A restoration company can repair your flooded home
Engaging a restoration company is a great way to minimize the damage in your flooded home. The restoration company will start by salvaging some materials and discarding the items that can cause more harm than good. Items such as the wooden floors, gypsum boards, and drywalls are not salvageable if exposed to water damage for a long time. Salvaging the materials in a flooded home is a great way to cut the cost of repair. Be sure to dispose of the non-salvageable insulation and rotten wood in the right way to avoid problems in the future. Items such as cabinets and drawers might be submerged in the water partially. Demounting these cabinets in the hope to rebuild them will save you a significant amount of money.

Pipe Break

Plumbing repairs involve identifying the supply line break from the onset. The supply line break is responsible for the spillages that can cause extensive water damage. While repairing the pipe break behind the walls, test the system for leakages to avoid spillages in the future. Check the joints since the supply line break is common at the elbow. Once you have repaired the pipe break, you can get rid of the excess water with a pump.
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What to Do When You Need Professional Fire Damage Restoration

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

What to Do When You Need Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Fires in homes and businesses are problematic and turn into a disaster if they are left to get out of hand. One of the most important things to remember is that you're able to hire a restoration company to handle the issues for you. The restoration company can do the board up for you, as well as to get totally rid of any found soot damage, horrendous smoke smell and smoke damage that you're currently dealing with at the moment. Commercial fire damage is difficult to handle on your own without the proper professional help.

What Happens with Fire Damage

Fire damage can cause a lot of problems for those who are dealing with it. The smoke damage and lingering, horrible smoke smell that lingers is problematic for a variety of reasons, so it is imperative that you contact a local company to handle the board up and fire cleanup for you. Your fire in a home or dealing with a fire in the business can easily be dealt with by hiring a professional company. Fire damage restoration can be cost efficient if you have the right type of insurance or are able to hire the right company.

How Fire Damage Restoration Works
Fire damage restoration works because it helps to get rid of that lingering smoke smell from the home, which is ideal for individuals who have dealt with a fire in their business or a fire in your home. Soot damage can also be eradicated by hiring a fire damage restoration team. Your fire damage can be a thing of the past by hiring a good company that is able to come in and do all of the work for you.

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Restoration Company

Commercial fire damage can be more than a little difficult to handle on your own. From the soot damage to the smoke damage and any found smoke smell, expert fire cleanup is necessary to get rid of the problem from start to finish. Fire cleanup should not be attempted by you or your workers, as this is something that only an expert company will be able to do for you in a timely manner. Commercial fire damage is also important to have done quickly so that clients are not effected.

How to Find a Restoration Company Near You For Fire Cleanup

Where it is a fire in the business or a fire in your home, board up and commercial fire damage professionals are there to help tremendously. Instead of trying to do the board up on your own, you will find it beneficial if you simply hire someone who deals with commercial fire damage for you. The fire in a business is problematic when trying to handle it on your own, so be sure that you consider it a good idea to hire the professionals who can come in and do the job for you.

The Effects of Smoke Damage, Fire Damage, Soot Damage and Smoke Smell

The problem with all of these fire-related problems is that they can take the value of your home or property way down, rendering it unacceptable if you choose to put it on the market. This is why you will need to hire the professionals if this is something you wish to do yourself. You can definitely find a person local to you who will be more than willing to handle the aftermath of a fire. This is why it is a good idea to look online as well as to look locally to see who is available in your area.

Once you make the decision to hire a professional team of fire cleanup experts, you'll be able to relax while knowing that the job is being done in the correct manner. There are a lot of people who are trying their best to ensure that they get the damage cleaned quickly and expertly.
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The Risks of Ignoring Mold

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

The Risks of Ignoring Mold

The growth of mold in your home or business should prompt you to learn more about it and how to deal with mold damage to both people and property. Mold, or fungus, is present everywhere, both on many surfaces and in the air. It is eventually destructive to any surface on which it grows. Unfortunately, its spores can also severely impact the health of many people who are exposed to them for any length of time.

Mildews (molds) are microbial growths, microscopic in size, that live and grow by consuming organic materials. Because they are designed by nature to digest dead organic matter and recycle it in our environment, they necessarily destroy their hosts. Whether the host is building material or dead plants and animals makes no difference. Either will be hungrily consumed over time.

Some signs that may alert you to mold in your home are an unpleasant, musty odor or the visible presence of dry rot. You may not immediately recognize mold, as it will not always be black; the spots appear in various hues. They may be brown, gray, white or even shades of green. A mold remediation company will help you locate all the fungus and provide a reliable mitigation. Part of the process will be to help you to identify and eliminate sources of the moisture that encourages mold in your home.

It is essential for you to find and remove all possible sources of moisture before the remediation to prevent future recurrence of the fungus. Some things that encourage the presence of dampness are obvious. Among those are a roof that leaks, flooding from any source, faulty plumbing, or a cellar or crawl space that is damp. Other less obvious causes can include steam produced by hot water from the kitchen or shower, an incorrectly vented clothes dryer, or even hanging clothes indoors to dry.

Along with damaging property, mildew can also be a health hazard to people. Not everyone is sensitive to the spores, but there are some toxic varieties which aren't good for anyone. It is possible to have your mildew tested to determine its type and level of presence, thus theoretically measuring its danger to you. Essentially, however, it is better to simply have the fungus remediated by a specialist. Mold can grow behind walls, for example, making amateur efforts to identify and safely remove it dangerous.

Protecting both your health and your property is best accomplished through the services of an environmental hygienist. The sampling and cultures that you can have done to help you decide whether your mold is dangerous are both expensive and not 100% accurate. Disturbing the growth in any way can make it more hazardous through spreading it in the air. Instead of increasing the danger to you and your family by ignoring or improperly removing the organisms, you can experience a far safer, more satisfactory outcome with the services of a mold removal company.

Public health agencies like the California Department of Public health, addressing the possible effects of exposure to the mold, recommend a complete remediation rather than attempts to measure levels of microorganisms to evaluate health hazards. According to their literature, there are molds for which no reliable tests have been developed, giving even more weight to the wisdom of total mitigation by a professional restoration company.

These experts know how to find and remove mold, provide total deodorization for the area, and prevent the spread of spores disturbed in the remediation effort. A restoration company will also be instrumental in making repairs to areas damaged by the mildew.

The bottom line is that practicality alone demands a complete mold removal. Of course, the well-being of loved ones is always the primary concern, but in taking care of them, you reap the added benefits of maintaining your property values. You turn a nasty situation into a winner by protecting your family and your assets with one call to a mitigation specialist.

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Residential Water and Flood Damage

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

Residential Water and Flood Damage

We all know that 90 percent of our planet is covered with water. It's actually one of the key components that make it habitable. But water can be very destructive, too. We have seen rivers flood their banks or break through dikes resulting in massive water destruction in the surrounding areas.

What if flood water finds its way into your house? According to the American Insurance Association (AIA), water damage claims are the most filed type of insurance claims in the United States. This is due to the high cases of in-house flooding in different parts of the country. Flood damage restoration is expensive since water cleanup and drying takes powerful machinery to be effectively mitigated. Standing water in a home can lead to tens of thousands in losses, not to mention the damage that water in business premises can cause.

What Causes Water in a Home or Water in a Business Premise?

A heavy downpour can lead to standing water in your home or water in a business premise. However, flooding only occurs during heavy storms. Some of the most common causes of in-flooding originate from within our houses. For instance:

Faulty/broken household appliances can lead to flooding in the house. A broken or leaking washing machine or dishwasher, if left unattended, will lead to flooding in the house. Conduct thorough, regular inspection of your appliances to make sure there are no leaks.
Broken pipes, sewer lines, clogged sink drains, and toilets are also a leading cause of flooding in our homes and places of business. Get in touch with a plumber as soon as you notice any of the above issues in your house to avoid losses.
Broken sump pump or a full septic tank can lead to flood damage. If you notice a little flooding in your basement, check to see if the sump pump is working normally. If that's not the problem, check to see if the septic tank is full.

Any of the above causes could contribute to a flood damage in your house. Always make sure that everything is in working order to avoid coming home to a pool of standing water. What do you do when you come home to a flooded house?

Water Damage Mitigation Tips Before Help Arrives

The first thing you do when you experience water in a home or water in business is to call for help from a water damage restoration company, but this will depend on the amount of flood water in the house. If it's a little damage that you can easily carry out water cleanup by yourself, well and good. If not, there's still much you can do to prevent further damage before help arrives. Water cleanup professionals also come with powerful humidifiers for drying.

Start by switching power off to avoid electrocution, right after you find the source of water and shut it down if you can. You can cut power at the main switch if there is too much water and you can't get to the switches. Disconnect all the electronics and appliances and move them to dry ground to prevent damage. You can also move furniture and other valuable property to higher ground. Use rags and towels to keep the water from spreading to dry areas.

Remove water soaked carpets too and dry them completely. Drying flood water is essential as it prevents mold growth. Don't forget to wear protective clothing, especially if the flood water is coming from a broken toilet or a sewer pipe. This kind of flooding is dangerous, and the best idea is to wait for the water damage mitigation company to arrive. They are better equipped to deal with water damage in business premises or homes mitigation.

You homeowners' policy is probably going to be paying for the water damage mitigation, restoration, and drying. Gather as much evidence as you can. You will need it when filing the claim. You can do this by taking pictures before flood damage restoration and water cleanup begins.
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What to do After Firemen Leave

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

What to do After Firemen Leave

Fire damage a home or business can be devastating and have long-term effects. Once the fire trucks leave, there are many issues that require immediate attention. Smoke damage, soot damage and flooding from attempts to fight the fire can make the situation seem impossible. A professional fire damage restoration service should be called immediately to clean and restore the home or business. These trained professionals will perform a number of services to bring the property to its pre-fire state.

There are things that should be checked before help arrives. A business or homeowner should take the necessary steps to save their property as long as it's safe. A number of potential hazards exist after a fire that could be dangerous and life-threatening:

Check for fall hazards.
If the house feels unsafe, leave.
Be careful lifting wet materials.
Make sure no loose wires are around to prevent electrocution.

Fire restoration services will respond quickly to minimize damage and save costs. The professionals are provided with the equipment and training to help with fire and smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery and fabric cleaning and water damage. So whether its a fire in home or commercial fire damage, the same quick and professional service is offered. Fire cleanup can be a very time-consuming and painstaking process. Soot damage and smoke smell can be particularly disheartening.

A fire in business can set an owner back a great deal. Business owners need to get back on their feet as quickly as possible. Fire cleanup and water damage spells loss of revenue and productivity. A professional fire damage restoration team can make the process a lot less painful. Whether its commercial fire damage or fire in home, trained professionals are on call to handle any type of emergency.

While fire damage is bad, the residual smoke smell can be even worse. Smoke damage can linger within a home or business for days, weeks and sometimes months, if handled in a timely manner.

When the fire damage restoration team arrives, the first thing that is done is an assessment. This is a crucial step in developing a course of action. Windows, rooftops, windows and other areas will be immediately boarded up and draped with tarp, if necessary, to prevent further damage.

If there is excess water, it will removed immediately from walls, floors, carpeting and any other place where water can pool and set up mold. Professional equipment will also be used to rid the structure of smoke damage and soot damage affecting the walls, ceilings and other areas. After all of the items inside the structure is cleaned, the sanitation process begins. Special foggers and scrubbers are used to have everything inside the home fresh, clean and free of smoke smell.

Commercial fire damage an have its challenges. fire in business will be tackled with the same timeliness and professionalism as a fire in home. Fire cleanup and fire damage on a large scale requires the service of a professional commercial restoration service. Fire damage restoration can rid a business of smoke smell, soot damage and smoke damage. The same process is used but on a much larger scale. Fire cleanup professionals can also help restore electronics and equipment affected by fire in business.

Commercial fire damage doesn't have to be devastating. Just like a fire in home or a fire in business, fire damage can be fully restored to pre-fire condition.

Whether services are needed for residential, business or commercial property, it is imperative to call someone as soon as possible. When it comes to fire restoration, time is of the essence. A few hours can make all the difference in full restoration or a full loss.
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How to Prevent Mold Damage

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How to Prevent Mold Damage

Preventing mold damage is the most effective way to fight mildew, fungus, and potentially hazardous conditions. Mold in the home and commercial mold damage both require the help of a professional mold remediation and mitigation company, and many people would rather avoid paying a remediation company to come out to provide mitigation services. Mold in the home and commercial mold damage cannot be ignored for various reasons, which leaves home and business owners with only the option to prevent mold damage from occurring in the first place.

It’s the first line of defense against this form of fungus and mildew, and mold damage prevention isn’t as difficult or as intimidating as it sounds to many. Before anyone finds mold in the home or commercial mold damage requiring immediate remediation and mitigation, it’s time to learn how to prevent it from occurring. These steps are designed to help everyone prevent mold damage and subsequent mold removal.

Keep the Temperature Just Right

The first way to prevent mold in the home or commercial mold damage is to understand how to keep the temperature in a building just right. It must be cool, it must not be humid, and it must not be moist. Moisture seeps into homes from leaking pipes, improperly sealed doors and windows, and even from everyday use of water sources in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. When the humidity level is high, fungus might begin to form.

When fungus finds humidity levels above 40%, it begins to grow. This is how mold forms. It grows where there is even a hint of moisture in a room that’s humid and warm. Keeping the humidity level at or below 40% is the best way to create an uninviting environment for mildew and fungus alike.

Recognize the Signs of Mold Damage

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just basements, bathrooms, and kitchens in which fungus likes to grow. It’s any room in any home or office, and it can even grow inside walls and other structures. The best way to know if there is mold in the home or commercial mold damage happening in places unseen by the naked eye is to look for the signs.

The first sign is the presence of mildew. It’s just one step away from becoming mold, and that means there could be mold damage occurring elsewhere in the home or office. When conditions are right for mildew it might not be time for professional remediation or mitigation, but it might be time for home and business owners to change the temperature and humidity level in the building. Mildew indicates mold is possible.

The other common sign of mold in the home is a smelly odor without a prominent source. It might smell moldy and moist, and this smelly odor cannot be removed no matter how much deodorization is utilized. Deodorization isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not the answer. Anyone can cover up a smelly odor with deodorization for a few hours, but it doesn’t rectify the situation. Any home or business owner who notices a smelly odor that requires deodorization might already have a mold problem on their hands. It doesn't mean mold is present or mold removal is already needed, but it might.

Know When to Call

Preventing mold and mold removal requirements is easy for some, but it’s not enough for others. The best thing to following all prevention efforts is to learn when it’s the right time to call for professional remediation and mitigation. It’s imperative people call immediately. Mold spreads quickly and rapidly, and that means it might be worse in a day or two. There is no time to wait.

Mold removal requires professional equipment and tools, and there is no time to sit back and wait for it to get worse. It’s already worse if it’s present. It’s time to call for professional help to save money and future damage from occurring in a few weeks or months.
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How To Restore Your Property After Flood Damage

6/2/2017 (Permalink)

How To Restore Your Property After Flood Damage

Whether you notice a minor leakage or a major flooding problem, you cannot afford to take the water damage issue lightly. As water seeps into your home, it creates channels that keep expanding under pressure. Drying the water is imperative since what seems like a minor issue might turn into major flood damage. You can take advantage of these mitigation measures to reduce the impact of flood and water damage and lower the cost of restoration:

Drying prevents mold development in the basement
If your basement walls are damp, you need to look at your drainage system. If the water in home drainage channels does not flow, you must modify the slope of your garden to facilitate the drainage and avoid the water damage. In addition, you need to call a specialist to inspect the foundation walls and develop a formidable drying and mitigation plan. When dealing with the water in business premises, look out for live cables and wires that could cause injuries during the water cleanup. By drying the basement, you can prevent the seepage of water in business structures that are prone to flood damage.

Getting rid of the water

Since you might not have the power, you can use the manual way to carry out the water cleanup and removal exercise. Use buckets and mops to soak up the water and minimize the flood damage. You can pour this water on the lawn or use the drainage system to eliminate it. Avoid using the electric pumps since water transmits the electricity. Use the right method to protect your home from mold growth. If you have a poor drainage system, the water in home electronics can cause significant flood damage.

Avoiding the growth of mold and mildew

Dampness can facilitate the development of toxic fungi, algae, molds, and mildew. The mold will also ruin walls, carpets, flooring, basements, and ceilings. This can be a daunting task. By taking the necessary precautions to prevent mold growth in your home, you can keep your family safe and lower your overall repair costs. If you see the evidence of mold growth, you should call a home inspector to estimate the cost of repair. If you have a comprehensive report, you can contact your insurance company and start negotiating the compensation. Water in home TVs, phones, and computers might damage these electronic items completely.

Avoid electric shocks

Start by disconnecting the power and unplugging any electronics. Remember that even after you disconnect the power, you are not safe since the threat can come from your neighbor. If you are lucky, you can save your electronic equipment. However, if you delay, you will have to replace the electronics. If the water in business parking areas and walkways finds its way into the building, it could result in immense damage to the carpets, floors, documents, and computers. Take the furniture to a dry place and consider the best ways to dry them. Remove the insulation foam from the ceiling and attic. If you have some sections of drywalls, you need to analyze whether you can salvage them. In most cases, these walls will have to be replaced. The carpets absorb a lot of water, meaning that you will need to clean them up and dry them completely. The filth in the neighboring garbage pits can mix with the water in home verandas and get into the building.

Contact a home inspector

A home inspector will analyze the water damage and give you a quotation for the restoration process. While developing a budget for home restoration, remember to include the cost of water cleanup and mitigation. A home inspector will recommend a water cleanup before embarking on the flood mitigation and home restoration process. Remember to use the right disinfectants to eliminate the germs that might come from the neighboring septic tanks and garbage pits. Visit for more information on water damage.