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How to Effectively Deal with Commercial Fire Damage

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

How to Effectively Deal with Commercial Fire Damage

Commercial fire damage can occur in any industry. It might be a utility room fire where there are servers or an electrical fire where someone plugged in too many cords to an outlet. Once the fire truck pulls up, there is a lot to do to restore the building to the way it was prior to the fire.

Cleaning Up

Many people don't realize that a fire suppression system makes a big mess. Depending on the fire suppression method used, there might be gas, powder, or liquid released in order to put out the fire. This can at least prevent the fire from spreading until firefighters show up with a fire hose.

With the fire truck in front of the building and firefighters working to put out the electrical fire or other fire, they're also going to be making a mess. This is not intentional. However, the fire needs to be put out. Between what the fire hose does, the fire suppression system does, and the fire sprinkler system, there is quite a mess to clean up.

Commercial fire damage professionals will know how to take care of the fire damage cleanup. They will also be able to address other things, including soot damage, smoke damage, and the full fire restoration that will need to take place.

Focus on the Damage

There will be a lot of commercial fire damage to contend with, particularly if it was a large fire. Where the fire took place will also have an impact. It could have been a utility room fire, an electrical fire in the kitchen, or occur somewhere else. There could be soot damage, smoke damage, and more.

All cleanup from the fire suppression and fire sprinkler system will have to take place first. From there, all items that are not salvageable will have to be removed. A firefighter might help with this. However, smoke damage professionals will work on the fire restoration process after a fire truck has left.

Restore the Building

A lot will have to be done in order to restore the building from the commercial fire damage. A fire hose will likely cause some damage. Even though the fire truck and firefighters are there to put out the electrical fire, utility room fire, or other fire, it's still going to result in damage.

Once the cleanup is done, there is smoke damage and soot damage to contend with. It might be necessary to tear out flooring, replace drywall, and even repair structural aspects of the building. Fire damage professionals will be able to create a plan to show a business what's needed to get the building back in good condition.

Inspectors will likely need to sign off on the building due to the fire damage. Professionals will know all of the steps that need to be taken to get a building back in operation. Fire damage restoration will involve multiple components.

Business owners shouldn't have to deal with soot damage and other fire damage on their own. The fire restoration company called will know what to do once the fire hose is done putting out the fire. If a fire sprinkler system or suppression system was used, the fire could be limited to one area. Even so, the cleanup will be comprehensive.

The good news is that a utility room fire or other fire is often kept under control with a fire sprinkler system. This reduces the overall time it will take to complete a fire restoration project.

By calling in professionals, the fire damage is handled more effectively. It is also handled faster so that a commercial building gets the care it needs following a fire.
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