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How to Help Prevent Mold in Your Home

9/2/2020 (Permalink)


Mold in your home is more than a visual, cosmetic or odor issue among many other affects it may have … and you are not alone! A significant percentage of homes experience mold growth throughout the nation.

The old adage “an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure” applies to mold growth. There are things which can help control the growth, and here are a few suggestions.

Control Moisture

There are several elements that promote mold growth, moisture being one of them. Without moisture it becomes difficult for mold to thrive and spills and leaks are not the only contributors. Water vapor equals humidity and this gaseous form of moisture is yet another source of moisture.

Detection of water vapor can be confirmed by use of a hygrometer. These devices measure the current indoor humidity and if placed in a heavily trafficked area can easily be monitored daily. Levels between 30 and 50% generally are acceptable for control of moisture which could lead to mold growth.

Ventilate the Home

Air can hold large amounts of the humidity described above a but can condense into moisture given the right temperatures. When this happens, you will see the typical water “beading up” on various surfaces such as walls and windows. Simply opening a window when the conditions permit will help eliminate this moisture!

House Fans Will Work

Normally there are at least two fans already in the home; the kitchen fan and the bathroom fan. While each of these tools are for removing smoke and odors in their respective purposes, the additional effect would be helping circulate air and prevent moisture. Additional portable fans will help supplement areas not directly influenced by the former two fans.

Outdoor Sprinklers and Gutters

Excessive water from over watering (especially in summer) which may cause standing water against the house or any path the water may take to lead to standing water needs to be addressed and fixed. Both of these situations could lead to water invading the foundation and creating an environment for mold growth.

The same applies for rain gutters. These devices are meant to direct water away from the home, but if left unattended can become clogged with debris. This will have the reverse effect and create standing water as does the sprinkler.


In our Water Damage Blog, we discussed the effect of leaks in your plumbing and the damage water has on your home; as a result, one of those indicators was mold growth and is reinforced here. That undetected leak under the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room sink are the most common areas for mold growth to flourish.

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